Graduation Hoods, What are They?

In the world of academics, a black squared hat with a bright colored tassel gives a reference to some form of a graduation. In some cases, a scarf like article of clothing is added to the graduation gown. However, unlike a high school graduation, these scarves are only added when one graduates from a university... Continue Reading →


The History of Graduations

  Graduation has already happened for most, and is coming up for the rest of the graduates. Although we never think about who came up with the idea to celebrate students who have completed all their years in school, there were actual purposes for the celebration. Earliest graduation ceremonies started in the 11th century when... Continue Reading →

The Meaning of Graduation Gowns

Graduating from college and having a degree in something you love, is a big step towards the world. With the graduation of college, comes the level of degrees a person experiences in college. There is associate degree, bachelor, masters, and then doctoral degree. An associate‚Äôs degree is an undergraduate academic degree by community colleges or... Continue Reading →

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