Technology is an amazing thing, isn't it? Everything you need at the touch of your fingers. Need to notify your boss you'll be late? Simply shoot them a text. Need to order groceries? You have your local grocery store app on your phone. Missed the basketball game last night? Search up on Google what the... Continue Reading →


In the past few years the applications for Emotional Support Animals have greatly increased. Colleges are having a hard time keeping up with the student applications for these animals. Meredyth Goodwin, director of the Access Center at Washington State University says in the article There’s been a spike in university ‘enrollments’ of emotional support animals... Continue Reading →

Several things that are banned make sense. Lasers banned from airports: reasonable. Firearms banned from sporting events:  logical. But books banned from schools? That seems counter-intuitive.  Isn’t the whole purpose of school to help students learn?  And isn’t one of the key sources of learning books?  Banning books from schools is taking away a valuable... Continue Reading →

Charlotte, N.C. Meet Good Idea For Phelps?

  For the first time in his professional swimming career Michael Phelps finished below 2nd place this past weekend at the 3 day Pro Swim Series Meet in Charlotte. Though he is a 22-time Olympic Medalist, from his five races he finished third, seventh, ninth, ninth and 11th. At the meet Phelps told the media:... Continue Reading →

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