McCall Winter Carnival

The McCall Winter Carnival is a carnival in the middle of winter.


Parties Galore and Sad Goodbyes

Many students are graduating right now and so many have already graduated. Personally my favorite part of graduation, as a sophomore, is the parties. So many grads have parties and they're sad, because they'll be leaving us, but they are tons of fun and always have fabulous food. Most parties have a wide range of... Continue Reading →

Graduation Parties

Graduation is a time to celebrate the right of passage to adult hood. After the graduation ceremony what do you do, well you have a party of course. Graduation parties are a way to celebrate the accomplishment of a students long life of work. They started since Kindergarten up to their senior year in high... Continue Reading →

Final Good Bye to Seniors

It’s that time again, time to wear the cap and gown and stand with the friends you’ve shared many memories with, you take that nerve wracking walk to be handed  your diploma, that magical piece of paper you’ve waited twelve years for. After that moment the next thing that’s on your mind is the graduation... Continue Reading →

Senior Graduate, Martin Caro

Martin Caro is a senior at Liberty Charter High School, who is an aspiring film maker. He has a youtube channel that he shares with his siblings, called Expensive Family . "I mean, I used to just look at things and pass through life, but then when I started getting interested in film making, it was like,... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Graduation Fails

Graduations are a happy time in everybody’s life especially graduating high school. It means that you’re a grown up you look after yourself now, your being released into the world, but sometimes a your graduation can be an embarrassing moment in your life when you’re going up there for your handshake and diploma and the... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Graduation Fails

Have you ever gone to a graduation and wondered how many more graduation speeches it will take until you fall over and give up on life. I wondered this a lot, given the fact that all my siblings have graduated, and I've had to sit through everyone of their graduations. If you have witnessed a... Continue Reading →

Final Girl Trailer Review

This year, (there is no set date yet), the thriller movie Final Girl is to come out. The movie is based in modern times, about a group of young men who invite young girls out for the night, end up luring them into the woods, giving them a head start, and then hunting them down... Continue Reading →

Black Ops 3 coming soon

Black Ops 3 could possibly be the game of the year, this futuristic game will be released November 6, 2015 Activision has confirmed this. Now if you’re wondering if this game will be released for last gen consoles you’re out of luck. Activision has only confirmed the release for XboxOne, PlayStation4 and PC. Black Ops... Continue Reading →

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