We live in a day and age where new discoveries and advancements are happening everyday. In this case, a discover of a new ‘Super-Earth’. This discovery was given to the public on the fourteenth of November on the Nature International Journal of Science. The term ‘Super-Earth’ means the planet is bigger and colder than Earth,... Continue Reading →


https://indianexpress.com/article/technology/science/ufos-spotted-near-irish-coast-sighting-under-investigation-5443522/ A UFO (An Unidentified Flying Object) was spotted off the coast of Ireland at approximately 6:47pm on Monday morning. The woman who first spotted this unidentified flying object was a British Airways pilot. She has asked to remain unidentified. It has been confirmed that she is not associated with previous reports of UFO sightings.... Continue Reading →

From New York Times article, Washington states "As Syrian Fighters backed by the United States close in on Raqqa, some of the Islamic State's Leaders  have fled their self-declared capital and are planning to carry on the fight other sanctuaries in Syria and Iraq." American Defense Officials say that there are still an estimated 3,000... Continue Reading →

Beijing states "fake news, prejudice-based, cleverly orchestrated lies"   Xinhua the main news agency responding to the problem, accused foreign news media as a whole for blaming Chinese  activists for trying to put the Chinese government out of order. For all the blame going towards Trumps fake news, Beijing has also had a history of finding way to... Continue Reading →

2017 has begun so fast in terms of international conflicts and government issues that are going on all around the world. When we look at the list of elections that have already happened in 2017/end of 2016 or will be happening later in the year, number is pretty high. After the US Presidential Elections, now... Continue Reading →

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