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A Bright Future

Imagine the world twenty years from now. if technology continues to advance at the rate it has the results will be amazing. Possible future inventions that could be available to the public are almost full glass curved edge phones with great video and camera. And even cooler maybe even wireless charging from a distance. There... Continue Reading →

Aleksander Sheretun is a 45 years old Ukrainian woman who had brain tumor. Her complaints started 3 years ago.¬† After the tests that have done in Ukraine she learnt that she has epilepsy which is also known as seizure disorders. It is the 4th most common neurological disorder in the world. She took different kinds... Continue Reading →

The Liberty Charter boys basketball team went head to head at their first game against Cole Valley Christian. The Junior Varsity game started at 6 o'clock with starters Caleb Hamblin, Carson Thomas, Caden Gardener, Cy Griffin and Mason Mefford. Both teams did amazing and made some amazing plays but in the end the Liberty Charter... Continue Reading →

Alcoholism is a dependence on alcohol. The dependence can be related to an emotional or physical dependence. Alcoholism is a big problem among people over the age of 12. ¬†According to the editors of Harvard Health Publications and Hilary Smith Connery, one in thirteen people over the age of 12 have some sort of alcohol... Continue Reading →

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