Ever since President Donald Trump ordered a government shutdown, America has had several cases of issues. Riots are taking place at Washington D.C. Many people are not being paid the money they deserve and need. People like government officials and other government related businesses are being unpaid. This is a massive issue as many people... Continue Reading →


On the first of January a new law went in to place where first time DUI offenders are required to install an ignition interlock device in their car. An ignition interlock device detects the level of alcohol in the users breath and will only unlock the ignition if they are sober. This is to help... Continue Reading →

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration doesn't have a large amount of space in the news, or in people's mind, so is it safe to wonder if NASA needs its share of government funds, or do we not know what really goes on around there, and think that we know what’s best for the government.There... Continue Reading →

Every day people in all stages and ways of life face one of the greatest issues of our modern world: Bullying.      My freshman year of High School was supposed to be one of the greatest years of my life. Although, those expectations were quickly shattered when I was brought to the reality of... Continue Reading →

Technology is an amazing thing, isn't it? Everything you need at the touch of your fingers. Need to notify your boss you'll be late? Simply shoot them a text. Need to order groceries? You have your local grocery store app on your phone. Missed the basketball game last night? Search up on Google what the... Continue Reading →

The United States holds the record for the highest maternal death rates in the world. “In the U.S., 700-900 women die from pregnancy or childbirth- related causes, and some 65,000 nearly die- by many measures, the worst recorded in the developed world.” Though the causes for these deaths vary, lack of care for mothers affect... Continue Reading →

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