On a Wednesday morning, on September 6th Hurricane Irma made its mark, with almost as strong as 185 per mile winds and gusts of winds reaching 215 mph. For the storms circumference, it is larger than Ohio.  It has been stated that Hurricane Irma is the largest Hurricane to form in they Atlantic ocean, since hurricane... Continue Reading →


Hurricane Maria ravaged over Puerto Rico. The storm destroyed  thousands of homes, businesses, bridges, and more. Hundreds even thousands of people have no supplies and no homes and they're having a hard time keeping each other alive. This is a birds eye view of what's happened in Puerto Rico. In the picture you can see that... Continue Reading →

Since June 1st 2017 there have been six hurricanes that have hit, Harvey, Irma, Jose, Katia, Lee,and Maria.  These massive storms have caused an immense amount of damage. These monstrous storms have left people homeless, and in some cases, lifeless.  According to CNN these storms have left Puerto Rico in pieces, houses missing rooftops, cellphone signals... Continue Reading →

Recently this year a hurricane hit Texas on August 17th. This hurricane was a huge devastation to people everywhere. “With rainfall topping 50 inches in some areas, Harvey devastated a swath of Texas stretching from the Houston area into Louisiana.” (NIRAJ CHOKSHI and MAGGIE ASTOR) At least 39 people have died, including a Houston police officer, a family trapped in... Continue Reading →

Even more federal personnel responded to Hurricane Irma when it made landfall in Florida on September 10. More than 40,000 federal personnel, including 2,650 FEMA staff, were in place by September 14. In addition, FEMA had transferred 6.6 million meals and 4.7 million liters of water to states in the Southeast after Irma as of... Continue Reading →

108 billion dollars out of the United States pocket due to Hurricane Katrina's unfortunate disaster. According to History.com And CNN, Hurricane Katrina was so catastrophic that hundreds of thousands of people across the south eastern U.S.A. were without a home leaving people to hide under every stray building for shelter in this time of need.... Continue Reading →

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