Editors in Chief
Mallory Howe
                                                                  Noelle Trammelle-Stone                                                                             

Art/Entertainment Staff
Editor: Morgan Hodnett
Alexis Friedley
Daniel Colbert
Charlotte Hobson
Cameron Smith
Tisha Scarlett
Quote: “We strive to expose the talent and creativity of others as well as show the impact of art to the world around us.”

Design Team
Editor: Cade Bagley
Miles Howe
Maddie Dickson
Ryan Adams
Quote: “We design excellence”

International/Headline Staff
Editor: Ceyda Yalcin
Juliana Johnson
Kai Garman
Ethan Davis
Quote: “Young minds connecting others to the world by the use of a high school newspaper.”

Local News Staff
Editor: Abigail Swaim
Cole Hinnenkamp
Josh Dorris
Kaylie Cooke
James Law
Quote: “We strive to report on events that affect the local community as honestly as we can.”

Photography Team
Editor: Brenna Logue
Toni Rodriguez
Naomi Hutu
Jessica Beers
Ryan Darrow
Quote: “Going behind the scenes to make sure all of the pictures can make it to the page safely and properly is our job.”

Sports Staff
Editor: Mariah Gutierrez
Michael Corkish
Ashton Sedrick
Bridget Maw
Louie Heaton
Quote: “We are devoted to show the dedication that is placed in sports through the athletes, coaches, and program.”

Technology/Science Staff
Editor: Ana Vulcan
Anabel Martinez
Chris Bull
Quote: “We strive to give accurate facts and information about the newest discoveries and the technology that would impact the public, so that people may use it as inspiration to kick start their own inspiration.”


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