Studying Abroad

The benefits of going to college outweigh the benefits of graduating high school diploma. Attending a university has several benefits. For example according to people that graduate college make up to a million more dollars in there life time then a person that only has a high school diploma. It is a proven fact... Continue Reading →


Bachelorette This Season: Kaitlyn Bristowe

This seasons Bachelorette turned out to be Kaitlyn Bristowe after a very close and hard vote by the 24 men in house. The first show started out with 25 men, but Ryan M was sent home for not being there for all the right reasons, being heavily drunken, and trying to touch the girls inappropriately,... Continue Reading →

Boise Farmers Market

Boise’s Farmers Market:   The Boise Farmers market takes place in lovely downtown Boise on Front Street and has been located there since 1994.  The Capital City market  was modeled after several different outdoor market like Pikes Place in Seattle Washington and the Portland Farmers Market in Oregon. It is one of the two farmers... Continue Reading →

Boise Art Museum

Boise, Idaho- “The Boise Art Museum is nationally recognized for leadership, innovation and excellence in the visual arts.” The museum is located in Boise, Idaho on 670 Julia Davis Drive. The museum has many different art forms, starting from paintings to ceramics, to computer-generated prints, and many more. From January 31, the museum has been... Continue Reading →

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