Nampa Rec Center’s Christmas Lights Tour

Christmas is just around the corner and households are going to start putting their Christmas lights up creating beautiful displays around Nampa. A favorite family tradition is driving around to see the best ones. But driving around for hours in search of impressive Christmas light displays can be exhausting because you don’t know where to look. It usually ends up being a waste of gas, and results in wining kids. It’s a fun thing at first, but for parents this can be a rough tradition that’s gets harder every year. But this year you have help! The Nampa rec center can be your friend and point you on the right direction. They are hosting a Christmas lights tour to make this Christmas a little easier.
This event will have a bus driver take you and and the rest of the participants around Nampa to tour the best Christmas light displays. it’s on the 20th and 21st at 6:00 for the cost of $6 per person. There will be refreshments and donuts provided by the compliments of Starbucks coffee company and Franz Bakery.
This is the perfect way to celebrate Christmas and its something you can do with the whole family. Bring your grandma, your aunt, cousins, and your best friend! Don’t forget to decorate your house too and maybe it will be one of the upcoming stops. So go register now on the Nampa Rec Center website where you can also find more information on the event. register as soon as possible so you can get your spot on the bus.

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