Skyview Boys Lacrosse Home Opener

The Skyview Boys lacrosse team will face off against the Mountain View Mavericks for their home opener on March 15 at 6 o’clock at Skyview Park. The game is also free to the public, and everybody is encouraged to attend. The Hawks graduated nine seniors to college and the military last year, and hope to fill their shoes with a solid group of athletic underclassmen. However, they will be returning their face-off guy Zach Westhusin, attack Benny Stegeman, and wing midfielder Louie Heaton. Historically, Skyview has missed playoffs and blown big leads every year, while Mountain View is consistently in Idaho’s top 3. “Playing up on a bigger, out-of-division team could be a great experience for us,” said one athlete from the team. “It will definitely make us take a look at ourselves as a team, and see if we have the will to fight or just roll over.”

The team finished last season with their first ever winning record under the lead of Coach Tim Westhusin in his second season with Skyview, but unfortunately missed the playoffs again because of two devastating losses by one goal each to Vallivue and Borah.  Coach Westhusin also founded one of Idaho’s premier lacrosse clubs, Boise River Lacrosse. Boise River recently merged with Rhino Lacrosse, an elite group of club teams all over the country founded by 4x All Star from Syracuse Ryan Powell. Westhusin is now the director of Rhino Lacrosse Boise. The help of his coaching and being involved in the sport in a high level has done a great deal of good for the Skyview boys, because lacrosse in Canyon County is known for being lees popular and developed than in its neighbor, Ada county. Since even Ada county teams are nowhere near any national rankings for lacrosse, it is an uphill battle for the Hawks to prove their prowess as a team. Their coach has been a crucial key to their success, now that his knowledge of the game and coaching talents has been added the the program.

The team captain for the 2017 season is senior midfielder Hunter Ward, who consistently puts up multiple assists on the stats sheet each game. Ward, and all the seniors on the team, have been very proactive motivating the team to go far in the playoffs this year. Even  former Skyview player Servo Guerrero, who plays for the College of Idaho, has found time to show up and help out at the boys’ practices. Under the lead of the coach, seniors, and former players, the Skyview Boys Lacrosse team is ready for their best season yet.


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