Was This Boy’s Mother the Cause of His Disappearance?

Wednesday, November 6th will make seven years since the disappearance of two-year old Sky Metalawa from his mother’s vehicle.  His mother, Julia Biryukova, claimed she car ran out of gas and Julia and her daughter left to get some. When they returned in about an hour and a half, Sky was gone.  After that statement, Julia refused to work with the police ever since, and the police are still hard at work to find out what happened to now eight-year-old Sky.

According to Seattle News and Events Archive, the morning of little Sky’s disappearance, he was feeling sick, and his mother and sister took him to the  hospital. While on their way there, Julia’s car ran out of gas, and she took her daughter with her to the Chevron that was about a mile away. When she returned, Sky was gone, and she called the police and reported him missing. Police began to find holes in Julia’s story and she refused to cooperate . Such as how her car didn’t need gas and there were no mechanical issues. This gives police the suspicion that Julia knows more than she let on.  

  The police searching the scene combed a twenty block radius of the car and found nothing, and then began to doubt Julia’s story.  Julia refused a lie detector test and took her Fifth Amendment rights but allowed permission to search her car, computer, and her phone.  The cat was unlocked and didn’t show signs of forced entry. Julia’s neighbors rarely saw her or the kids, and hadn’t seen Sky in weeks. Though it seems crazy, this incident was not the first of its kind. Sky had been left alone in cars before, and both of his parents had been to jail for committing such crimes. 

 Many people theorize that Julia had planned Sky’s “kidnapping”.  Her husband stated that Julia love Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and the day before Sky went missing, an episode rerun was played about a young couple claims that their son had been abducted, but in actuality they killed him and used the story as an accident. When looking at her social media, there can be found only pictures of Julia’s daughter, Meile, and none of Sky. After all that, investors did not label Julia as a suspect, or even a person of interest. However, the police did charge her with child endangerment, as a strategic way to keep her in custody.  And today, all we can hope is that Sky is alive and well, and that he will be found soon. 

P.S. The reason I had turned it this assignment in so late was due to the fact that the website had not saved my drafts, and it was not until I had access to my Google Docs was I able to finish this assignment.Sorry for the inconvenience -Natalee Kimery

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