The Incredible James Harden

James Harden has averaged over 40 points since Christmas. This is all without star point guard Chris Paul and starting center Clint Capella. this is just unreal along with two fifty point plus games. Who would have thought James Harden from Arizona state drafted back in 2009 would become such a star. There is that he was the 3rd overall pick in the 2009 draft,  drafted to the thunder. Harden needed to step away from Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook to find his true role. He is a true scorer and has proved that this year.

This season he has been averaging  36 points a game and has been shooting 44% field goal percentage. Then the greatest aspect of his game, three-point shooting has been splendid this season with a 37 % average. He also benefits from the free throw line, on average going to the line 11 times a game, along with shooting eighty-seven percent from the cherry stripe. but best of all is seeing the stats he has managed to put up since Christmas. He has put up an average over 40 points a game since Christmas. He has shot 17.3 three-point attempts on average since Christmas. He has been going to the free throw line much more. He has raised his free throw attempts up to nearly 15 a game. He now since the injury of Chris Paul, James has held the ball on offense forty seven percent of the time. In a five-game streak, he scored 256 points. Believe all of these points were unassisted by a teammate. His offense has strictly been coming from his own skills and his shooting expertise. You wouldn’t believe that if you add up his five highest scoring games, it totals up than more than 200 players season point total, and this is straight crazy.

James Harden is looking virtually unstoppable right now. He has shown that he can perform without Chris Paul. has won the last eleven out of the twelve games they have played without Chris Paul. It will be interesting to see how Harden reacts to Paul’s return. Paul will take a part of hardens offense away. But pauls dribbling and passing will be a much-needed skill going into the playoffs. With the return of Chris Paul and Clint Capella, the Rockets could be a serious contender in the playoffs. harden is playing great and so is his team. It will be fun to see how the Rockets perform in the rest of the year. Harden is really proving “Fear the Beard” and teams better watch out.

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